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The Mutual UFO Network began in the 1960s in the midwest and has grown to encompass an international field of professionals and lay people alike who strive to present scientifically the nature and existence of unidentified flying objects and aerial anomalies. There are MUFON Chapters in all 50 states, as well as many coutries around the world. Our organization is made up of entierly all volunteers. Visit our international website at www.MUFON.com for more information. Join MUFON and get involved.

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Cloaking Triangle
Gainesville, Florida

Witness Accounts

In the following paragraphs, a lot of the Witness’ statements are quoted directly to give the full
effect of what was said.

At 7 pm, Monday, 3 January 2011 the two witnesses were relaxing in the back yard of the
sighting location. At 7:09 pm, the “Secondary Witness” was looking at the sky to the East and
saw an approximately “upright, equal triangle with slightly rounded edges”. It was stated the
triangle seemed to “just materialized out of nowhere (sic) at least 30,000 feet or so.” The
triangle had 6-10 green and white lights underneath and 3 white lights in the center of each of the

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triangle’s sides. “A split second after he saw it, it descended straight down … and leveled off in
less than 4 seconds.” The Primary witness estimated the altitude after the descent to be
approximately 150 feet.

The Primary witness describes it coming over the tree line on the eastern side of his neighbors’
lot at about 10 mph. He describes it as “a fuzzy, white, cloudy...thing... surrounded by a strange
watery substance.” He further stated it was like a mirage. He stated it looked to be about 50 feet
on a side. “This thing didn’t waiver, tilt, or wobble at all - it was dead still moving only forward.
Although the cloaking had a somewhat wavy nature about it, it wasn’t vibrating or moving
either. Everything about this craft was dead still except for the slow forward movement. We had
a prefect, unobstructed view of this craft for a full 5 to 7 seconds before it disappeared over the
trees”. “There was a fuzzy, whitish, haze in the front middle and along the leading edges. I also
saw some rounding in the back of the fuzzy white where it met the cloaking. It wasn’t light - it
was a faint white. We could completely see through the craft, but not the white fuzzy stuff. When
the craft passed in front of the stars, the stars jiggled. When the craft fully passed, the stars were
dead still again.”


Read Full Report CliCK HERE

A recent Delta IV rocket launch from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station
produced a multitude of UFO reports. Those reports centered around one to four
orbs following the rocket and a bright blue cloud high in the sky after the passage
of the rocket. This paper proposes both of these effects are natural
manifestations of the rocket used in this mission.


Read Full Report Here.

By: Morgan Beall

On August 8, 2013 MUFON headquarters received a call from the news media outlet NBC-2 . Reporter Rick Ritter called concerning a possible UFO caught on CCTV security camera system in Naples Florida. In the TV news coverage the reporter interviews the security employee from an unnamed resort located near the Gulf of Mexico in Naples Florida. The video (YouTube search Naples Pool UFO) depicts a globular amorphous out of focus anomaly that appears out of nowhere. According to the NBC-2 report and NBC-2.COM, security employee Debra Lee Thomas is certain it is something alive and the NBC report Rick Ritter could not explain what he was looking at.  

Original News Story ---> http://www.nbc-2.com/story/23074019/ufo-caught-on-surveillance-in-naples#.UhC4wFOE6gg

Follow Up Story ---> http://www.kare11.com/news/article/1035407/333/UFO-Video-All-Wet


Within 24 hours the video and news story become viral on youtube and social networks. Wild claims from angels, extraterrestrials refueling their ship in the pool.., to a visitation from the spirit world were made by blogging on-lookers. On occasion there would be a few skeptical assessments with mundane explanations like water or a spider web on the lens of the security camera. Well it turns out the explanation was in fact the most simple and often is in many UFO reports. Yes, it rains a lot here in the Sunshine state, curious why they call it that. Well in fact the night of the alleged visitation from the purported extraterrestrial angelic light beings it did rain with variable high winds. Thanks to the quick work of the MUFON photographic analyst team Marc D’Antonio and Cinde Costello, they put together a nice explanation of why the video was most likely a rain droplet on the protective lens of the CCTV security camera. The report reveals that the most telling evidence of this explanation “is that you actually see how the refracted image of the droplet seen on the housing has brought small particles of dirt on the housing into focus”. Often the general public, media and nonobjective types will jump to conclusions and speak in absolution which in this world of technology, special effects and hoaxers will easily lead you away from the truth. Science is not a philosophy it is a process and we all must test our hypothesis to be truly open minded.

Read The Full Report Here ----> https://docs.google.com/file/d/1v6LeErWSGX4R9iYC3RWQ7klMy-CympsD9h3Xv0AnEexqrVp_CJGEADSLv62P/edit?usp=sharing

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